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MetaHash is an independent cryptocurrency with its own blockchain, MetaHash is not an erc-20 token.

Useful information about MetaHash

MetaHash Coins has 6 decimal places.

To find out more about the entire volume of coins emitted and for more info about how many coins are in circulation, follow the link:

MetaHash network allows you to see the entire digital transaction register using explorers. For the convenience of users it is possible in explorer to search by address, hash transaction and number of block in the blockchain. Link to Explorer -



To start working with the MetaHash network, you need to install full-node-client - There are also other ways to get started with the network, we don’t set any limits, but this is the fastest way we’d recommend.

Full-node-client is available in two versions:

  • 1. source
  • 3. docker container

If you do not know what version to choose, use our docker file to build the container.

Please read the instruction for more details on how to build a docker file - -

Using Full-node-client

For more details about Full-node-client use read the article: -

We provide two work scenarios:

  • 1. scenario when the exchange requests a balance for each address through our client
  • 2. scenario when the exchange processes blocks and calculates the balance on its own

If the exchange receives balances through our client - for the exchange it is ok, all logic is on the client’s side.

IMPORTANT: if the exchange processes the blocks independently, then you need to make sure that the state block is not calculated as the balance.

In such a way the exchange can find out the number of blocks in the network and to learn if a new block was created in the network. It is possible if you will periodically request this method -

To learn more about the block:

To learn more about all types of blocks in the MetaHash network:

To learn more about all types of blocks transaction status:

Other questions

Ask any questions including:

  • 1. how to get MHC for testing
  • 2. any other questions